Talking With The Hotel Staff In Hebrew

Talking With The Hotel Staff In Hebrew

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Israel is a country with a fascinating array of culinary delights. From the traditional street food of the Old City in Jerusalem to the trendy international cuisines of Tel Aviv to the savory foods of wine country, you will never be at a loss for something special to eat. Let the Israel travel agencies plan an epic wine tasting tour for you, and pair your wines with Israel’s most interesting foods. Make your dining experience even better by learning to turn a few phrases in Hebrew. Here are some words and phrases to get you started.

When dining out in one of Israel’s many great restaurants, it may be helpful to have a few phrases in your pocket to be able to communicate with the server and enhance your dining experience. Being able to let the server know you’re ready to order is the first step to a great night out. Commit these words and phrases to memory, and you’ll start things off right.

I’m ready to order now

I’ll have this

I’ll have whatever you recommend

Ani mukhan lehazmin

Ani ekakh et ze

Ani ekakh et ma she’ata mamlits

אני מוכן להזמין

אני אקח את זה

אני אקח את מה שאתה ממליץ

At the end of a meal it’s sometimes difficult for the server to know when you are finished even if you speak the same language. To make it clear to the server if you want something more, or if you are just relaxing after your meal, try these phrases.

Nothing more, thank you

It was delicious

What do you have for dessert?

Ze hakol, toda

Ze haya ta’im me’od

Ma yesh lakhem lemana  akhrona?

זה הכול, תודה

זה היה טעים מאוד

?מה יש לכם למנה אחרונה

At the end of your meal, you will want to convey to the server that you are ready for your bill, and mention anything else that is significant, like who is paying and what the gratuity is for the meal.

Could I have the bill, please

Keep the change please

Efshar lekabel kheshbon bevakasha

Ha’odef bishvil’kha

?אפשר לקבל חשבון בבקשה

העודף בשבילך

Often tourists may want to move into the bar after a meal, or go out to a bar in lieu of a meal. Whatever your style is, you’ll want to be able to let the server know and fellow guests of your intentions. For example, you may want to pick up the tab, or make a toast.

May I treat you?

One more please


Efshar lehazmin ot’kha

Od ekhad bevakasha


?אפשר להזמין אותך

עוד אחד בבקשה


Make the best of your opportunities to dine out with family and friends while in Israel. Learning a few basic words and phrases will make it infinitely more fun to go out to a restaurant or bar, and help to make sure that you get what you want from the experience.

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