Restaurants in Israel

Israel is well-known for its culinary variety, as people from over eighty different countries contribute to the culinary expertise. Visitors have the opportunity to explore the diverse culinary aspects of Israel, adorned by exquisite cuisine and rich flavors. Most of Israel’s population consists of recent immigrants from all over the world, and hence authentic traditional recipes coupled with customary Israeli food make Israel the culinary forerunner in the international stage.

There are many international chain restaurants offering regional tastes sought by most visitors. Among the numerous American chain restaurants in Israel, several of them practice kosher dietary principles by avoiding pork items or cheese and meat combinations. A few of them, recognizing the international inhabitants, provide non-kosher items too. The American chains include McDonald’s Israel (Illinois-based), Pizza Hut (Texas-based), Domino’s Pizza (Michigan-based), Ben and Jerry’s (Vermont-based) and Subway restaurants.

Tel Aviv, famous for gastronomic restaurants, offers exotic cuisine rendered by a creative mix of different cuisines. Plenty of sushi restaurants are located here, and it is known for the best Italian cuisine offered outside Italy.

Arab cuisine offered in Israel is basically of the Mediterranean style, resembling the conventional Israeli food. Arab restaurantsare popular in Abu Gosh, an Arab village near Jerusalem, and it happens to be the world-record holder for making the biggest hummus dish. Druze village in Carmel is also equally popular for Druze food.

Limonim is a kosher restaurant located in the Chan Theater building in Jerusalem. It specializes in Israeli food, retaining the local taste. It offers a variety of salads and desserts with a sufficient variety of meat and fish in the menu. Emile, another restaurant in Tel Aviv also offers traditional Israeli food.

The Maharani restaurant located at Allenby in Tel Aviv offers traditional Indian cuisine such as Tandoori chicken, marinades and sauces; every dish is made fresh at the time of order. The Hayam Hasini restaurant at Shankar Street in Tel Aviv has a typical Chinese kitchen designed in a western style. It offers authentic Chinese food such as shrimp, Sho Mai and mushrooms.

In northern Israel, the Galilean countryside offers the country’s traditional cuisine from fresh produce, amidst a tranquil air, away from the buzzing city. The experience of a hearty meal offered at the country fare, is unique for the visitors.

Ethnic Israeli food basically consists of Humus, goulash and falafel. An incredible variety of aromas and tastes contribute to the lively cuisine of Israel. The culinary style comprises sweet, spicy, sour and hot tastes, all blended to form the European and Oriental style. Visitors can choose from the range of ethnic styles such as Indian, Moroccan, Polish, Romanian, Yemenite, Hungarian, Chinese, American and many more.

Israel’s food tourism seems to be gaining highlight, with an increasing number of restaurants coming up, particularly in the city of Tel Aviv. The wide range of Israeli restaurants offer healthy and tasty cuisine at reasonable prices, and tourists from all over the world can find their taste of food without any hassle.