Attractions in Israel

Israel is internationally renowned for its historic significance and diverse natural beauty. The cultural and religious aspect of Israel is related to Jews, Muslims and Christians alike, and hence it is thoughtfully named as the ‘Holy Land’. In spite of tough foreign relations, the country has ever been a sought after tourist destination, apart from being a pilgrim’s land.

Though Israel is not a large country, its geographical features are diverse, comprising the Judean Desert, the snowy peaks of Mt Hermon, and the earth’s saltiest sea namely, the Dead Sea. Its ancient Biblical cities give a deep insight into the historical events dating back to millenniums. Several of them have a privileged place in the World Heritage List of UNESCO. The city of Jerusalem plays a prominent role in imparting historical and spiritual influence to the nation.

Tel Aviv, a city known for its highly urbanized growth has numerous museums, galleries, theaters and restaurants offering a wide variety of exquisite cuisine.  Its proximity to the Mediterranean Sea renders a pleasant beach experience, ranging from fine sandy shores to the rocky coves. The Red Sea Rivera at the Gulf of Eilat exhibits amazing corals and exotic fish, and the surrounding desert cliffs and forested hills of Galilee allow for adventurous hiking expeditions. Mt Hermon, which is a skiing delight in winter, otherwise provides an interesting hiking trail amidst beautiful meadows and streams. Apart from the natural wonders, unique amusement spots for families include Mini IsraelEilat’s Kings City, Haganah Museum and Jerusalem’s Time Elevator; they impart a nice learning experience too. The Bauhaus Architecture found exclusively in Tel Aviv is a unique attraction.

Traveling within Israel, one can find that places of Biblical significance are invariably found throughout the nation. The places pertaining to David and Goliath, The MidianitesPhilistinesDeborah and Barak are interesting areas to visit. Israel’s open airattractions include the bird observatory, botanical gardens, and its latest National Park, which offer much information about the plant life of the Biblical era. The Jerusalem Biblical ZooMasadaCaesarea Antiquities and Hamat Gader are among the best tourist attractions in Israel.

The important holy places of Israel, conveying power and mystery are located in Jerusalem. The western wall, a part of the structure massively built around the holy Temple Mount, depicts the historical grandeur of the age-old Jewish monuments. Dome of the Rock, a sacred Islamic monument portrays a glorious beauty. The Holy Sepulcher Church, known to be the most holy place for Christians houses the crucifixion, burial and resurrection sites of Jesus Christ. The Mount of Olives, the place from where Christ ascended into heaven, overlooks the city, and gives an incredible view of the whole city of Jerusalem.

The Judean Hills located at a short distance from Jerusalem offers a rustic countryside experience. It is associated with theology, sculpture, caves, music and many such ancient aspects, offering a lot of exploration for visitors.

Israel is also known for its numerous annual events related to theater, music and sports, and for its wide selection of culinary items. Wineries, Olive culture, silk making, honey production and ancient agricultural methods show their transition from Biblical days to the modern era.